From its inception, Chaoswalkers was designed as a joke. I fully intend to see this project to its completion as to the best of my abilities, but it is a joke in the most literal sense of the word. I designed the series' overarching plot to mimic those of all YA novels and satirize the ridiculous nature of these stories written mainly by people who have long passed their young adulthood. 

Every detail of the series, from its characters to the opening words, are designed to be the epitome of what YA writing is like in my eyes.

Do not let it be thought, however, that I hate YA novels. I have no issue with novels targeted at a specific demographic, such as young adults. What I take issue with is the nature of many of these novels. They simply aren't very good. They use cliches and plot-holes to drive characters through a maze of the authors volition. The novels prefer to disregard good story telling to instead focus on being just edgy enough to appeal to mainstream audiences.