signal. is a point and click, puzzle game developed originally for Global Game Jam 2018 at the NYU Jam Site by Team Moss.

With a fully painted art-style, signal. is a breathtaking experience that challenges the player to look beyond the obvious to see the patterns hidden throughout the world. signal. was developed in 48 hours by a group of eight strangers.

Team Moss

In alphabetical order:

  • Dietrich Epp (@DietrichEpp): Programming

  • Rachel Geng (@koloquials): Art

  • Jaden Horsfield (@maotousarms): Writing, Has Purple Hair, Moral Support

  • Nyusha Iampolski (@f.f0000): Art

  • Michael Poltronieri Tang (@RealMichaelTang): Programming, Voice

  • Aneudis Salcedo: Programming

  • Demetri Sofides (@dsofides): Programming, Art

  • Gautam Srikishan (@gsrikishan): Music, Sound Design, Writing